Common Body Changes During Pregnancy

Ways To Get Through To Your Common Body Changes During Pregnancy

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a big thing for any woman but she also has to deal with lots of bodily changes and it is not easy. If you are thinking about having a child it would certainly help to learn about the common body changes during pregnancy as they will help you be prepared of what is to come your way.

Common body changes during pregnancy

Below mentioned are few of the many problems that you may face during your pregnancy. Here are some of the changes that a woman experiences during pregnancy.

Breasts Tend To Be Sore

These are the first signs of pregnancy. The breasts tend to become a lot bigger than their usual size. They also feel very sensitive and may make you feel a little uncomfortable too. This basically happens, as your hormones will prepare the body to generate milk after child birth.

Solution: Sore breasts is something that all pregnant women have to deal with and the best way to deal with that is by getting a new bra, in this phase your breasts will grow  so you must contemplate on buying a bra that has a professional fit. Purchase a bra that has sturdy straps and one that provides good support to your breasts. Before you buy a new bra be sure to try on a few different ones to see which one fits you the best. Make sure you buy one from a reputed brand. Avoid wearing synthetic bras at all costs as they are not good for your overall health.

Frequent Changes In Mood

As a woman you will experience a lot of mood fluctuations. However do not be alarmed at this as it is a very common effect during pregnancy. This is a period where your hormones will be very active so you expect your mood to hit highs and lows in a blink of an eye. During this time you will also feel like eating unusual combinations of food. However you must make sure that your food cravings do not have a nasty effect on your health.

Solution: The best way to deal with this is to accept that it is a part of the pregnancy period. You should try to stay calm as much as you can, think about joining yoga classes for pregnant women as it really helps the body and mind to stay calm. Do not neglect your diet and go easy on yourself. If your mood swing lasts for about 14 days then you must see a counselor without hesitation.

Early Morning Sickness

This is the most dreaded condition during pregnancy; do not be surprised if you feel like throwing up in the morning sometimes. This usually happens in the very first trimester. In some very rare cases certain women bypass this stage. However if you are undergoing this phase do not worry as it will stop soon.

Solution: The most important thing to do if you are undergoing morning sickness is to rest properly. Try to get a lot of sleep during the day but do not do it right after eating as this may make you feel ill. Try not to use any sleeping pills unless the doctor has suggested them. Do not eat food with a lot of spices and fat content as it may make you feel even worse.  Eat smaller portions of food instead of eating too much in one meal. 

Fluctuating Sex Life

During pregnancy you can expect your sex life to be very erratic as there could be times when you could crave more or very less sex. This happens because the levels of hormones are constantly changing in your body.

Solution: Do not panic in this stage, get consultation with a doctor on the kind of positions you can use if you decide to have sex while you are pregnant. To make sure that you are in good shape you must follow the doctor’s advice properly.

Dealing With Indigestion And Acid Reflux

There is no denying that indigestion or acid reflux is very difficult and painful when you are pregnant. You have to understand that your baby I constantly growing inside your stomach and so your organs feels the pressure and you might feel a bit of restriction while eating.

Solution: The best way to deal with this to not stuff yourself with too much food in one meal. Hence, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day and you will feel much better. In case of confusion you must consult a dietician.

Movement Of The Bowel

This is one bad problem that you have to deal with as a woman, this happens if you are consuming a lot of iron supplements. You must switch to foods that are high in iron and refrain from eating supplements.

Solution: To avoid constipation and experience regular bowel movements you should include veggies, fruits like apples and bananas in your diet. Feel free to ask a doctor if you are in doubt.

A Very Active Bladder

Being a pregnant woman you will have to deal with frequent urination. Your baby will grow everyday and so will its movements and as a mother you will feel kicks on your bladder. Be prepared to visit the toilet at least 20 times within a day.

Solution: The best way to deal with this is to indulge in pelvic exercises on the floor, this is really good to eliminate the stress. Even though your bladder will feel full most of the time you still need to drink substantial water to make sure your body gets rid of all the toxins.

Tremendous Weight Gain

This is every woman’s nightmare but then your body will inevitably gain weight so that it can make space for the baby. There is no doubt that it can have an effect on your self esteem and of course your hormones will also play havoc so you might end up feeling a bit low.

Solution: Firstly you must stay away from people who say negative things about being fat. Being pregnant is a wonderful thing to happen and you do not want negativity to ruin things for you at all. The best way is to read material on how normal it is to gain weight while you are pregnant. If you really want to do something about it then you must speak to a dietician or a therapist, as they will help you deal with it by chalking out a diet for you.

Retention Of Fluids

During pregnancy you will notice that your body is retaining a lot of fluids; in which case your fingers, face and ankles may swell up. Do not be alarmed as this is normal, even your doctor will confirm the same.

Solution: You must avoid sugar and sodium, as these will increase swelling. Make sure you drink a lot of water, as it will help to remove a lot of salt from the body. You must also make sure to visit the doctor to get proper advice on this.

Sensitive Skin Conditions

Now you may have heard that women tend to glow during pregnancy the truth is that it does not happen to everyone. Some mothers experience severe rashes and acne, in some rare cases pigmentation can also be noticed. Do not panic, since these effects are normal just stay calm and visit the ER. After you have given birth all of these will disappear completely. You may also get stretch marks in the abdomen area.

Solution: To get rid of stretch marks you can always rely on vitamin E oil to lighten them. When it comes to acne you should know that after your pregnancy they completely disappear and you do not have to worry about them in the least. However if you want to buy creams and lotions for them make sure you consult your dermatologist. Never use harsh medication to get rid of them as you can suffer side effects. Also when you are buying lotions make sure they are all natural and do not have any strong aroma to them. You also need to steer clear of products that claim to get rid of acne over night as there are high chances they are scams.


These are some of the common body changes during pregnancy that you may experience. However, you should not feel alarmed as all of these are normal. Do not resort to using harsh medication to reduce these side effects. If you feel low or sad it would always help to speak to an experienced person who has undergone these things. You must keep in regular touch with your doctors to help minimize these conditions.

The best way to deal with this is to have a positive state of mind and take each day at a time. There will be a time when all of this  will be over and you will be holding on to your bundle of joy ready to form a bond  of love that will last a for a lifetime. So, to make sure that things are easy for you pay attention to the symptoms and follow the solutions.

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