Tips To Avoid Labor Induction

The Untold Secret Tips To Avoid Labor Induction

When we talk about labor induction it basically deals with stimulating contractions of the uterine before labor sets in naturally. Now there are several reasons why labor is artificially inducted before child birth. One main reason is complications involving the mother and child’s health. However as a woman you need to avoid induced labor then read the tips to avoid labor induction.

Some Natural Tips To Avoid Labor Induction

Here are some tips that you can try out to avoid induced labor but you must get consultation from your doctor so that you stay safe.


  • Tinctures And Herbs: Before you go out and try this you must always consult a doctor who you visit regularly. Get professional advice as any improper dosage can cause a lot complications. Unicorn root, motherwort, black cohosh and blue cohosh are some of the herbs that bring about labor naturally.
  • Acupressure and Acupuncture: Acupuncture is totally natural and is often practiced by experts by placing needles at certain places all over your body. Acupressure is a very similar procedure but here there are no needles involved, as the expert use fingers to apply just the right amount of pressure. When pressure is applied properly at certain points in the body it may trigger contractions.
  • Sweep The Membrane: This can only be performed by your doctor, you might feel a little discomfort as it reaches the cervix area. In certain extreme cases the doctor may use fingers to detach the amniotic sac from sticking to the wall of the uterine. This will release prostaglandins and will trigger labor.
  • Resort To Massages: You will also come across certain therapists who are licensed to provide massaging services to help induce contractions. With this method you have to exercise a good deal of patience as things will not kick start immediately. You will get results after a couple of sessions
  • Warm Baths: A warm bath will definitely help as it helps to relax the muscles. You must know that relaxation is the best way to bring about labor naturally. Do get a doctor’s consultation on this as how warm the water should be.
  • Food : You will be happy to know that there are a huge variety of foods that help to bring about labor. You may try eating pineapples as these ripen the cervix. Consuming spicy will also help at times.
  • Good Amount Of Exercise : A lot of people have apprehensions about this but the truth is you should get into exercises when your delivery date is close by. The gravity helps your baby’s head move lower and the pressure created will help dilate the area of the cervix. Raspberry tea is quite good for adding strength to the uterus and helping it to contract. Most grocery stores sell this so it is not a challenge buying it.
  • Stimulation Of The Nipple: This method releases a hormone called oxytocin that causes good contractions. This should only be done right before the due date.
  • Indulge In Sex: Doctors have suggested that indulging in sexual intercourse can help bringing about contractions. Your partner’s semen may contain prostaglandins which cause the cervix to become soft.
  • Healthy Diet: Eating healthy is a must if you want to experience labor naturally.  Now you may have heard people telling you that you need to eat a lot of food but the truth is that you just need 300 calories extra than your usual diet which  can be managed. An improper diet will give you gestational diabetes and that can restrict you from experiencing normal contractions. If your baby gets too large quickly then the doctor may suggest artificial labor induction. So a proper diet will ensure that your baby has proper growth for you to experience normal labor.
  • No Scans During Third Semester: Sometimes you may develop medical conditions that will require you to undergo a scan to get a rough idea on the baby’s size. Getting too many scans in at the end of the pregnancy period may cause your body not to produce contractions so it is best not to go for these scans., a good doctor will suggest the same.
  • Due Dates Are Not Always Accurate: You should know that due date given by doctors are not always accurate so do not rush into artificial labor induction. If you cross your due date and you feel fine it means that things are ok and you should continue with your natural methods to bring about contractions.


If a doctor recommends induction of labor make sure you have a say in it which means that you should be able to refuse the procedure too. You must ask them all the required questions about inducing labor. Your doctor should explain every single aspect of the diagnosis and should also give you a solid reason for taking such a measure. You should also get sufficient explanation on the different alternatives and you should get a full explanation on the risks involved in the procedure. Once you have all the necessary information you will not make mistakes based on assumptions that were baseless.

Make sure you ask the required questions as this will help you decide if you want to go for the natural methods to bring about contractions or settle for artificial induction of labor. When he doctor gives the offer of induction sometimes the decision may be tough so choose a good doctor or midwife that you can trust and go ahead with things. However it is still better to stick to a doctor who encourages natural methods to bring about contractions in the cervix.

Risks involved in Induction Of Labor

Here is a list of certain risks involved with the induction of labor.

  • Sometimes babies undergo elective induction that is close to delivery. This is an indication that they are less mature and underdeveloped this increases the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • Without any oxytocin and endorphins the baby and mother lose their alertness and so they find t difficult to interact after birth.
  • When labor is induced then there is no presence of endorphins it means that the mother will require an epidural that will prolong for the first two stages in labor. This also indicates that a lot of instruments will be needed during birth.
  • Induced labor may cause the muscle in the uterine to not relax and so there will be no contraction and will cause stress to the baby.
  • Pitocin is often used to induce labor and cause the uterus to contract. He flip side is the contractions get very strong and so it becomes very difficult to manage when compared to natural labor.

Why Should a person Avoid Induced Labor Completely

Pregnancy is always a special thing for women so while you analyze the dangers of labor induction it is better to wait for it to happen naturally. The period for natural labor to set in can vary from person to person.  Sometimes babies take more than 37 weeks to fully mature. The few weeks right at the end is an important period for mother and child as their body begins to prepare for the delivery so in normal cases it is best not to push that period.

The Benefits Of Natural Labor

Here are some of the benefits of natural labor listed below.

  • The natural methods for labor are never invasive so you and your child will not experience any side effects
  • Women often experience a strong empowerment while they are in labor it is as if they feel their connection with their child coming alive. This periods is painful but some women like to go with it as it gives them confidence.
  • As a woman you will never experience loss of alertness or sensation. You will have full freedom of movement during the labor period. You will be in a state to participate in the labor process and exert pressure to get the baby out.
  • You get to indulge in techniques such as self hypnosis, visualization and breathing exercises to keep calm and deal with the pain
  • You can ask your partner to participate in the process and give you mental support to divert your mind from the pain
  • You will not need to use harsh drugs to speed up the contractions and use instruments like forceps to get your child out of your womb


To have a full understanding on childbirth as a mother you can contemplate on attending classes for child birth. These classes will help you get rid of all your fears which are basically driven by misconception. Most of these classes will also help you understand how the benefits of natural labor. Follow the tips to avoid labor induction and you will be just fine. Remember to consult a good doctor who always encourages natural labor than induced labor. Never hesitate in getting a second opinion for yourself after all your life and your child’s life are very important.

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