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The Ultimate Secret Of Dealing with Twins

There is no greater joy than being a parent. With the fulfilling life comes great responsibility specially if you have twins and things can get a little tough. With a little patience and systematic approach you can get through it. Parents whose twins display different behaviour find it very tough. Here are some good tips on dealing with twins.

Develop a Common Schedule While Dealing with Twins

Sometimes you may want sometime to yourself or to get through some chores for the house. Getting your babies to follow a common routine will not be easy initially but with practice it can be done. Do not be harsh or forceful but try to keep the approach gentle and soft.

  • Nurse the twins together: For this you may consider using a good nursing pillow to nurse the twins. With this pillow you can feed them both in half the time. Fix the pillow on your lap, start putting one of them at a time and getting them to settle in properly.
  • Make sure they nap together: Try to get your twins to sleep at the same time. You must know that your twins will react to this very differently but you have to have the patience and train them accordingly. You could also try to put one in a cot and the other in a bassinet.

How To Feed Your Twins?

During most of the 20th century the usual trend was using feeding bottles feed twins. However over time people discovered that breastfeeding was in fact much easier and less time consuming. Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure your twins feed properly without giving you a hard time.

  • If one of your kids is hungrier than the other then feed him or her first, do not be forceful make sure you have a gentle approach
  • Try incorporating a feeding cushion into the feeding routine as it actually helps
  • Get training on the different feeding positions
  • Make sure you have all the necessary items close by before you begin the process of feeding
  • Try to stick to breast feeding and refrain from using feeding bottles, as it may be very difficult to feed both the babies together if you use bottles.
  • It would really help to attend a group meeting that gives good tops on breast feeding
  • To understand if you are feeding your twins the right way or not, you should get them weight at the clinic to see if their weight gain is good enough.

Using Alternative Methods To Get Them To Sleep

It can be hard to get your twins to sleep at times but then you can resort to different methods to train them Do not use one single method to train them, mix them up. Before you begin to train them make sure that they are at least 3 months old and do consult a child specialist. Here are certain alternative techniques to get your darlings to get some shut eye.

  • Gently pushing them around inside a stroller
  • Swaddling them inside the cribs
  • Letting them sleep in the bassinet
  • Putting them on a cushion meant for infants

Moving Around With The Twins

There is no denying that moving around with twins alone can be a bit of a tedious task, but to make things easy you can use a double stroller. You can literally use this for a lot of things. For example if you want to get your kids in the car then this stroller is helpful. Learn how to use your stroller well, things like how to store and fold and how to maintain it. Most importantly buy one from a reputed brand as you can be assured of good quality products. There are many different kinds of strollers that are available in the market. Take a look at a few and then make purchases.

What You Should Prepare For

Firstly you should know that you will get very little sleep when you have to look after twins. There is no denying that twins cause sleep deprivation to both parents. This is one complaint every mum has. The good news is that this does not linger for a long time it will pass soon.

Keeping up with the demands of two kids in the house can be chaotic but with a little patience and systematic approach you can get through this without any problems at all. There are many support groups that give you emotional support in dealing with the stress. So, you will have to prepare yourself emotionally more than physically.

How to Get Through Difficult Situations?

There is no harm in getting help from other adults, you can always take the help of your friends or family to look after the babies while you are taking a nap or simply completing a chore. You may also consider hiring licensed nannies to take the kids for a walk or play with them in the house while you take rest.

Try To Make Things Fun for Kids

Do not use a harsh tone with the kids as this will make them cranky. Try to keep them distracted with toys while obeying your commands at the same time. There are special training courses for these and maybe you should go for them to get a better idea.

There is no doubt that learning how to take care of twins is one of the biggest hurdles that you can face. Many mothers out there have felt extremely exhausted while dealing with twins. However if you get things right then this experience can be a rewarding one all together. Do not forget to encourage yourself all the way, there will be times when you think that you cannot do this alone but with a little patience you can succeed at every level. Whenever you feel that you are meeting with an obstacle you must meet it with courage. You will emerge a winner and feel empowered by the whole thing.

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