The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting

The Untold Secret To The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting

Are you planning to have a baby? Have you been trying for some time now? Do you feel let down your period starts? Then we have a solution to your problem. Do you know anything about Basal Body Temperature (BBT)? Did you know that you can utilize a BBT to determine your most fertile days? Identifying ovulation with BBT charting is generally simple and reasonable. Your gynecologist or endocrinologist may prescribe graphing to help you distinguish when ovulation is going on or to show signs of improvement thought of your menstrual cycle designs. This post will help you with the The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting in an unconventional way. So, keep reading to know more about the possibility of conception on your own.

An Organized Take On The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting

To be precise, Basal body temperature (BBT) is the temperature of your body very still when it is estimated early in the day following at least three hours rest. It is estimated directly as you get up, utilizing a BBT thermometer that can be purchased at any medical store.

Estrogen (a hormone) plays an important role part in month to month menstrual cycle where it encourages the ovaries to create an egg (follicular stage) that is in the long run discharged during the process of ovulation. In the other half i.e. the luteal stage of your cycle, the hormone progesterone keeps up the coating of the endometrium till your menses.

You should simply know that estrogen is “chilly” while progesterone is “warm”. This implies in BBT, before ovulation (the arrival of the egg to be prepared) at the follicular stage, your BBT is generally low. After the procedure of ovulation, your BBT begins to ascend to the point where you can see a contrast when you analyze your BBT when ovulation if plotted on a chart. This infers if there is a rise in your basal body temperature, it implies that ovulation has commenced.

What is Basal Body Temperature?

BBT is basically the temperature that your body maintains after you have woken up from sleep at morning. This temperature is often measured using a special thermometer designed for BT and you can buy this from any drugstore. You have to understand that estrogen very important in this case especially during the initial have of the menstrual period during which the ovaries are helped to make an egg. This egg is released during the period of ovulation.

When you are in the second phase of the menstrual phase progesterone will take over until the lining present in the endometrium gives away causing menses. Typically before ovulation while still in the follicular stage, the BBT is in your body tends to be low.

Benefits Associated With BBT Charting

Here are some of the benefits associated with BBT Charting  provided it is done properly.

  • Once you are into the charting process it will reveal if your partner and you are fertile.
  • The charting and the mucus in your Cervix will reveal the period where the fertility is high
  • You will also get to know the factors like lubricants, intercourse and medications that may alter the appearance of the mucus in your cervix

The charting and the cervical mucus must be tracked properly as the egg will only make for 24 hours right after ovulation, so timing is very important. By charting it  you can analyze the menstrual cycle. In usual cases the woman will ovulate after thirteen days but then again it may change from woman to woman. So you see that by following a BBT charting a woman can have a good understanding of her body. If you face problems with fertility your doctor can assist and help you discover the problems.

How to Choose A Basal Body Temperature Chart?

The good thing about this is that you do not have to put in too much effort from your end. You need to have a good quality thermometer that measures up till 0.10 degrees, as the changes are not that big. Here is something you can do:

  1. You will be required to have a chart or a graph of some kind to record the temperature while you are within your circle
  2. You can find these charts in books
  3. Make your own and keep a strict tab on your cycle
  4. These charts are found on the internet where you can print them or you may get them when you buy your thermometer
  5. Use your laptop, phone or tablet to create a nice digital chart
  6. You can utilize several applications that help you maintain a BBT Chart
  7. You could download tons of software to help you track your temperatures

How Does Someone Start BBT Charting?

Once you have managed to get hold of the instruments you require, you need to get in the morning and record your temperature. This basically indicates that before you start any other activity you must record the temperature,like:

  • The best thing is to record your temperature before you go to the washroom or even drink a glass of water
  • Put the thermometer in the mouth the moment you get up from sleep
  • Make sure you take the temperature at the same time
  • The best way to proceed is to start BBT on the very first day while your cycle begins; this is usually the day your periods will begin
  • Record your temperature by writing it down somewhere
  • The typical range is 97.0 to about 97.6 for BBT before the ovulation begins
  • Now you should also know that all women are not built the same way, so, make sure you keep a note of the temperature changes every day
  • You may notice that after some time the temperature will be higher and will stay that way for 3 days

How To Get Accurate Readings?

There are a few factors that may help you take down appropriate readings. We have created a rundown of all the factors in this section. So, pay attention and read them carefully.

  1. As mentioned, you must get at least 3 hours of sleep for recording the correct temperature
  2. Make sure you take the readings at the same time every morning and you must give this 30 minutes in the minimum
  3. Keep your thermometer handy, may be at the night stand
  4. Shake the thermometer slowly, as any movement can cause rise in your temperature
  5. Do not eat anything or drink water
  6. This brings us to discuss, you may get an increased BBT owing to drinking at night, jet lagging, cold, infection or even for emotional instability
  7. Don’t rush, take your time
  8. Relax and stay away from stress

What Can You Learn From BBT Charting?

If you use a BBT chart you can instantly understand that you have achieved ovulation but the flipside is you cannot predict ovulation with it. In certain cases you may notice a drop in temperature while you have achieved ovulation. This drop in temperature may be caused by estrogen but again it is different for every woman. If you want to predict ovulation you will have to track the mucus in the cervix. This mucus is nothing but a discharge from the cervix.  This changes several times while you undergo menstrual cycle as your hormonal levels fluctuate greatly. This will also reveal the period of high fertility you can do this after your menstrual cycle is over.

Over time you will notice that the mucus has become thicker and chalky. When you move closer to the ovulation period the mucus will become very thin and resemble egg whites. This will actually help the sperms to gain mobility to go to the eggs, this is a sign that you have achieved high fertility and it is time to have vigorous sex.

Sometimes some women can monitor the mucus in the cervix internally. An internal check can be done if you sit on a toilet seat. The best time is to do is in the early morning while you are going to use the bathroom or do it at anytime of the day. You must make sure that you have clean hands and always use a finger (index or middle) to check. The best way to check your fertility is to monitor the mucus in the cervix and by using a BBT chart.

You can have intercourse on a daily basis to see if the mucus has changed form and to continue this till there is an increase in BTT. This will actually make sure that you and your partner will have a child. Be systematic in your approach and you should also have a certain level of patience. You must also make a point to speak to a doctor on a regular basis to make sure that you are doing things the right way.

What To Do If BBT Chart Does Not Help?

Due to a hectic lifestyle, you may not be able to focus on BBT and that is quite normal. Don’t blame yourself for this! Opt for the other way, yes you can invest in an ovulation indicator pack that works by estimating your hormone levels and lets you know roughly when you will ovulate. In case, you and your partner can manage, with a flexible schedule, then you must have intercourse every alternative day during the last 14 days from your cycle. This can be of help too.

Busted Myths                                                                       

The truth is no one can predict conception. Even the best of doctors cannot do so and believe us when we say so, as we speak from experience. This is why we have composed this inventory that you can seek help from.

  • BBT chart is here to assist you find out about your fertile days, it is not a conjecture
  • Doctors will not treat you unless you have tried getting pregnant for a year, is another misconception, as you can always consult your gynecologist for more
  • You must have intercourse on the 14th day from your period, yeah unless you have a perfect cycle and most of us lack that, we all know that
  • You should have sex within 24 to 72 hours of your ovulation, but the truth is sperms can live for 5 days, so in a healthy scenario you must have do it 1 or 2 days in advance
  • Infertility treatment is expensive, but most insurances cover it these days, find out from your provider


  1. How long should you wait for infertility treatment in spite of maintaining a BBT chart?

Ans. You should not waste time in case, your periods are irregular and must visit a doctor immediately.

  1. Can longer cycles pose as a problem?

Ans. To tell you the truth, they can cause some trouble, but you can consult a doctor to get medication if any required for this. They will be the best guide to help you with any other process as well.

  1. Can a BBT chart break your pregnancy news?

Ans. See, most likely if your BBT remains up for 18 days or more, then you may consider taking a test.

  1. Do you need a BBT thermometer only?

Ans. Well, they are more reliable over a normal thermometer. Choice is yours.

By now you must have got an idea, to how discovering The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting is an extraordinary method to track your cycles and ovulation designs. It can likewise enable your doctor to identify conceivable days as well. In the event that you are concerned you aren’t ovulating, convey your BBT graph to your gynecologist.


With regards to distinguishing pregnancy, BBT graphs can offer little clues. You may not find a fertility calendar or a gadget yet, but this could throw some light on conception for sure. We know how enticing it can be to search for early indications of pregnancy, and how disheartening it could get holding up to take a pregnancy test with a negative result. This could be the most ideal approach to utilize your chance, as it may aid you to look beyond conception only.

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