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How To Teach Kids Swimming Like A Pro

If you have been shouldered with the responsibility of teaching kids swimming then there are quite a few guidelines that you need to follow. Firstly you should understand that every single child has different capabilities, some learn fast while some are a little slow. So, in this case never try to push things you should focus on getting the kids to get comfortable being in water.

Tips To Follow While Teaching Kids Swimming

Teaching kids how to swim requires a lot of patience as it is not going to be easy.  With a systematic approach you can go a long way. Here are some very basic but helpful tips to make things easier.

  • Never compromise on safety: When you are teaching a brand new skill you should make sure that everyone is very safe. Do not neglect those who have just started out. You should be well acquainted with CPR techniques and must also have an assistant with you will acts as a life guard in emergency situations.
  • The approach should be positive:  There is no denying that children need a lot of encouragement to build their self confidence. You must extend a warm welcome to all the kids. Get to know each of them individually and learn their weaknesses and strengths. You must use your intuition to study what a child actually wants.  Keep in touch with their parents and let them know about their child’s progress.
  • Design a comprehensive swimming lesson: It is observed that children tend to learn really fast when they are being taught in a secured environment that also gives them feedback on how they perform. Make sure that every class focuses on teaching something new after recapping lessons from the previous lessons. To design the lessons you may consult experienced swimming coaches. The lessons you design must be divided according to age groups, easily alterable and flexible.
  • Positive environment is a must: Every lesson of your should begin and end on a positive note, this will really encourage the students a lot. Every single lesson should include positive feedback, praise and challenging goals. Try to make the lessons fun.

Teaching Skills Based on Age

The age of the kids will determine the kind of lessons you will be giving them. For children who are not yet a year old should be introduced to water and allowed to play in it. This will require patience and you should not push it. For older children you can move at a fast pace.

Help Them Develop Coordination

Children usually show signs of a developed swimmer when they hit seven years, but until they do you should get them to perform exercises that will help them improve coordination and build muscle strength and stamina. These exercises will benefit children who are six years old. Performing these exercises on a regular basis will help them move around the water.

Getting Into The Basics

Before you begin teaching kids and advanced swimming techniques you must make sure they are well acquainted with the basics of swimming. Here are certain basic movements that you need to teach them first.

  • Independent floating: This is basic skill that every swimmer has to master. You can begin by showing them how to float by holding on to the wall of the pool. Also teach them correct breathing techniques. Once your students have the hang of this for at least two to three weeks then get them to float without any support.
  • Teach them to float on the stomach: This technique is very useful in getting the students to place their stomach and heads underwater. This exercise is a lot like learning how to float using the wall as a support. To make things fun, you can start a competition amongst the kids as to whom can stay afloat much longer.
  • Teaching how to push off the walls: Once you are able to teach your students this technique they will have a good idea on how to build momentum during a swimming completion. If you are teaching beginners this technique they should start in the shallow end of the pool as it will give them better control over this technique.

Start Teaching the Basic Strokes

The strokes are the main components in a swimmers abilities and special care needs to be taken while teaching them  .There are various strokes such as breaststroke, butterfly stroke and backstroke. Now you should know that it takes so much time to master these strokes so do not rush the lessons if you want your students to pick them up perfectly. These lessons can also be taught to younger children to give them a feel of things. It is seen that children can memorize movements if they are broken into cues.

A Disciplined Approach

If you want your students to have a disciplined approach to the lessons, then you need to practice that yourself. So, you must arrive before time and arrange all the equipment in an organized fashion. Once your students have reached an intermediate level then divide them into smaller groups and have friendly competitions this will help you monitor their progress and you can offer special coaching to the weaker students.

If you want your students make you proud in the future then do not forget to praise their efforts along the way. Even if they fail, your criticism should always end on a positive note. You must consider the fact that your students will not excel in a day but you must guide and counsel them every second of the day. As your students begin to master their swimming abilities they will require more support from you. You should also communicate with their parents informing them about their child’s progress and also discuss their strengths and weaknesses. If you able to master all the points mentioned above while teaching kids swimming then you can be rest assured that your students will come out with flying colors and they will be forever grateful.

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