vacations for families with toddlers

The Best Vacations In The States That Are Great For Toddlers

Are you about to travel with a toddler? Is this your first trip? If it is and even not, this post will help you plan better.

Traveling with a toddler is not easy because you need to give the comfort of home away from home. 

However, this is not true at all because we practically found that kids are natural travelers.

Believe us when we say this, as we speak from experience. They will enjoy new things and appreciate being taken to unseen places.

No wonder some parents even take infants to camping! This only explains that children can adapt better than adults. 

You may be looking for the best vacations with venues designed for families with toddler.

Why not give this post a read and choose one. We have found the following places to be the best for families with kids. Have a look at them and let us know what you think of them. 

Best Vacations For Families With Toddlers

The way to arranging an effortless excursion with little children is picking the correct destination.

Regardless of whether it's a quiet shoreline, a busy city, or peaceful hamlet where children can explore, it must be enjoyable for all of you.

This is why we have penned down a few names that can help you take a call. Pay attention to this section.

Orlando, Florida

It is true that Orlando standouts as one of the best destinations for toddlers. 

Home to the world-popular Disney amusement parks, it is like as if bliss fills the air there. 

Before the coming of Europeans, it was home to Native Indians and belonged to Seminole tribe. It was in established in the year 1885 and the rest is history. It has been tagged as "The City Beautiful" owing to its beauty. It is also known as the "The Theme Park Capital of the World" because of its tourist attracting capacity.

Connectivity - It is well connected by air, road and rail, which means you are free to choose your mode of transport to manage your expenses.

Activities – Numerous Orlando excursion rentals carry the enchantment home with Disney-themed rooms, marvelous pools, and lots of playrooms. Visiting Orlando can bring out the child in you! Here are a few of the major attractions that you can count on while visiting Orlando with a toddler:

  • Simply watch your kids' eyes illuminate while embracing Mickey Mouse at Disney theme parks
  • You can explore a rich, African savanna at Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • A favorite among the toddlers and kids is the Crayola Experience Orlando that makes it worth your time
  • Take a plunge into the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Expense – You can expect to shell out $250 a day on an average a day per person. For a week’s stay it would cost around $1700 per person. It really depends on your budget and expenses as well.

Lake Ozark, Missouri

Built in 1929 Lake Ozarks is a vast reservoir made by holding the Osage River in the northern part of the Ozarks that lies in the central region of Missouri.

It is also called the "The Magic Dragon" because of the serpentine shape of the lake. With miles of picturesque lakefront, world-class drifting, and a helpful area in the focal point of Missouri, Lake Ozark is an awesome get-away spot for families, particularly those with toddlers and kids alike.

Connectivity – It is connected by major highways of the states and is easy to reach by road.

Activities – You can spend hours by walking, swimming or basically unwinding on the beautiful shores. For toddlers, there are unlimited activities and no deficiency of spots to play around for the young and curious minds. By the day's end, kick up your feet at your lodge rental, and watch the dusk over the water. Inside and outside, your entire family will have a ton of fun in Lake Ozark for sure! Below mentioned are a few more things that you can bask in:

  • You can eat or merry make at restaurants for which you may need a boat to reach
  • Enjoy at the state park that covers over 17,000 acres of land and 85 miles of shoreline to play at
  • Just drive down to the Swinging Bridge that can compensate for your whole day
  • Spend a day at the Big Surf Waterpark or Zambezi Falls to make the most out of your vacation

Expense – Well rentals start from as low as $60 on an average a day and you are free to cook your own food or order it from somewhere. The choice is yours and it is as per your budget that you decide your expenditures.

Lake Placid, New York

Voyagers depict an excursion to Lake Placid as a genuine Adirondack encounter and a serene resort. 

This area became popular since the 1800’s owing to a sudden boom. Although it's well known for being the site of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games and a center point for snow sports, this peaceful city settled in the mountains offers all year fun filled activities for the entire family. 

You'll locate this remarkable goal is as amazingly delightful and loaded with experience as it is little child inviting. 

Connectivity – It is well connected to major cities and is not more than 4 hours’ drive from Ottawa in Canada and 5 hours’ drive from New York. You can avail a bus service if you like to hit the road or rent a car. Alternatively, flying down to Adirondack Regional Airport from Boston Logan Airport, reaching Lake Placid Airport or Plattsburgh PBG, only to drive over to your destination could be a good idea.

Activities – To be honest, it has a competitive environment with so many outdoor activities on offer. Have a look at some of the most prevalent ones are like:

  • When winter comes in, you can go skiing or ice skating
  • Climbing the Whiteface Mountain in the Cloudsplitter Gondola for clearing perspectives of Lake Placid
  • Visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, home to Winter Olympics
  • During the late spring, you can pass your time, simply sitting by the fire pit to watch fireflies dance and listen to frogs croak away

Expense – Cost varies as per your lifestyle and there are no doubts about that. Hotel rent starts from a meager amount of $90 a day to any limit of your choice.

Port Aransas, Texas

It has 18 miles of delicate sand shorelines here give a cushiony landing spot to babies as yet getting the hang of strolling.

Make it simple by booking a rental close by the shoreline so you won't need to drag yourself too far to reach it.

This happens to be the only well-formed town in Mustang Island. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the Corpus Christi Bay and the Lydia Ann Ship Channel. 

Historically speaking it was home to native nomadic tribes.   

Connectivity – You need to take the Ferry System or can take the road (Causeway Bridge) via Corpus Christi.

Activities – There is so much to do at Port Aransas, like

  • Watching vivid Roseate Spoonbills and Reddish Egrets fly through the sky, while listening to the sound of challenging cranes
  • Fill your days in Port Aransas scanning for seashells, angling from the wharf, and investigating the neighborhood nature saves
  • You can take dolphin tours at Roberts Point Park to keep your little ones happy

Expense - In case you're looking for an island withdrawn without a strong sticker price (you can lease a home for under $100 every night!) Port Aransas is the ideal place for you and your family.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you've never been to Philadelphia, you'll quickly notice why it's an awesome city and a standout amongst other excursions for little children. 

That is very true and it has to be mentioned that the largest city the U.S. was founded in 1682.

It had played an important role during American Revolution and the whole of America remembers that even to this day.

Home to native Indians prior to the coming of the Europeans, as of now Philly happens to be one of the most flourished cities of the country. 

Connectivity – You can reach Philadelphia by air from major cities of the world and almost all carriers cater to it. You can take the road if you want, depending on your geographical location.


  • From the gigantic Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse to the Philadelphia Zoo, there's bounty to keep your youngsters diverted for a considerable length of time
  • With young ones continually in a hurry, do whatever it takes not to miss the era of American history in plain view all through the city at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Reading Terminal Market
  • Sesame Place, a theme park is directly over the city line in Langhorne
  • Spend a day at the Philadelphia Zoo that is home to 1300 animals
  • The Spruce Street Harbor Park at Delaware river has tree hammocks, stable barges and container arcades to lure you to an eventful day

Expense – Accommodation may cost you like $150 per person a day. However, you can expect to expend $30 each for food at the most.  

Captiva Island, Florida

Captiva Island rests simply off the bank of southwest Florida in the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

It's known for its shallow waters and delicate waves, which make it a perfect beach getaway for families with babies and toddlers.

Prior to the European conquest it was home to Calusa Indians some 2500 years ago.

Legends have made it immortal in folklore that informs us about piracy along its shores. All this makes this an exciting and intriguing place to be in.

Rest assured it will keep you and your family hooked to your holiday for sure.  

Connectivity – You may have to reach the Southwest Florida International Airport which is some 20 miles far off Sanibel Island. You may consider taking a boat to the island otherwise.

Activities – The drive along the Sanibel Island is scenic and you will be pleased to observe the greenery around. The white sand decorated with shells and the blue sea, all make it worth a visit. You can find some pastimes that you can indulge in:

  • With your little ones next to you, pursue waves withdrawing into the sea
  • Fabricate a gigantic sandcastle
  • Just look over the shoreline and collect the brilliant seashells
  • Pick a beachfront townhouse with kid-accommodating exercises (think kite flying and coconut painting)
  • Take a wildlife cruise at the Cayo Costa Beach
  • How about a mangrove trail via the bays with kayaking tours, young ones will go berserk without a second thought
  • Hike by the Ding Darling Nature Reserve (which is like 2 miles), but go as far as those small legs permit to go
  • Later, book a spacious country estate for an escape into the Captiva Island

Expense – If you find a good bargain, it could go down $99 a night at Captiva Island. Most hotels provide you with free WiFi services and parking as well. Some even offer breakfast and you are free to choose from a wide range of hotels without a doubt.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a laid-back shoreline town that is enjoyable to visit, with or without kids!

This southern California town is dope and it has plenty to offer. It was founded in 1769 and was home to native tribes before the Spanish conquest. It is well-known for its extensive beaches and mild climatic conditions all through the year. 

There is more to it, read this section to get a fair understanding of it.

Connectivity – Not to mention, it is connected by main cities by air, road and train. You decide which way is good for you and your budget.

Activities – There is no dearth of activities at this joint and you can start with:

  • The Balboa Park, which is home to an expansive play area, almost 20 exhibition halls, the San Diego Zoo, and will considerably keep your little ones engaged for quite a long time
  • Along the drift, splash some sun at the Mission Beach
  • List Element
  • Carlsbad Flower Fields for an active photography session on the 50 acres
  • Visit the La Jolla Cove, a place where ocean lions and seals roost on the stones throughout the day (charm overburden!)
  • From SeaWorld to the San Diego Zoo, San Diego is outstanding amongst other excursions for little children who love everything that swims and thunders
  • There's a considerable rundown of kid friendly places, like where you can board a Second World War plane carrying warship
  • Paddle a kayak into the La Jolla Sea Caves
  • Cabrillo National Monument to reconnect to historic events
  • The New Children's Museum that has a dance bar for toddlers
  • May be go out for a stroll through excellent

Expense – You can take it as $180 per person on a daily basis. Meals cost you like $33 a day and water would be another $3.50. You do the math, whatever suits you best.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 

With its residential community vibe and welcoming air, one thing's sure: you're certain to feel quiet in Pigeon Forge (at any rate, while the children aren't trying your understanding!). 

What once part of the state of North Carolina, today reminds us of the rich cultural past. It was built in 1820 and was an iron fort by Isaac Love. It has more to offer than what may seem. 

Connectivity – You can take a car or fly down to this beautiful town. It is totally up to you and your finances. Choose wisely with a toddler in tow, you may want to reach your faster, which is a practical solution.

Activities - Located in the core of the Smoky Mountains that happens to be a destination for the outdoorsy. As such, it's a little child's blessing from heaven. This is what you can do over there:

  • Explore the thick backwoods by walking or cycle along nature ways
  • Take a dip into the nearby swimming pools
  • If that is not your thing, then downtown Pigeon Forge flaunts family accommodating amusement parks, one of a kind attraction, and the hints of blue grass with music on relatively every road corner, guaranteeing a decent time is had by all
  • Oh, play mini golf, as you never get enough of it
  • Fishing and playing with penguins or a boat ride at the Ripley’s Aquarium could be another way to keep your tyke happy
  • Go for a picnic at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and let your toddler run

Expense – Okay, this one is pretty easy, you can plan a trip that may cost you $75 per person a day. Add $28 for daily meals and if taking local transportation services like buses and subway, it may cost you $16 each day. That’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

Washington, DC

Found in 1790, the capital of America has much more to offer than you may just think of. You get to read real lines at National Archives about this city. 

It has been a remarkable cultural melting pot, where African-Americans and Americans dwell in peace. It only makes the city look more vibrant. This could be an educational tour for your toddler as well. 

Connectivity – Connected by rail, air and road, of course, it will be, as it is the nation’s capital. Why wouldn’t it be? You can reach it from key cities of the world.


Washington, DC is stacked with charming attractions your little children will love: the recreation center like National Zoo, a few galleries with intuitive displays, and a lot of sprawling parks ideal for playing and picnicking or

  • Lease a loft downtown or remain along the city's edges—it's anything but difficult to get around Washington, DC, even with little children close behind
  • Bounce on the metro and breeze from goal to goal, or move into a pedicab for an outdoors ride through the city's remarkable neighborhoods
  • Pay a visit to the United States Botanic Garden, where kids get to water the plants, can dig in the dirt and run along it
  • check
    National Air and Space Museum, a haven for toddlers and preschoolers that will like to play with all the equipment to push and pull, moreover, the concept of flying will be elucidated
  • check
    Your small ones will be amazed by the city's enormous landmarks, memorable structures, and famous historic points approaching in the horizon that will add some American culture to your baby's family getaway in the country's clamoring capital city
  • check
    Join a voyage through best destinations, at that point visit one of the many free galleries, where your baby can run nose-to-nose with planes, whales, and great things at the Smithsonian Institutions is one of them that has a giant panda house

Expense – You will need $155 per person for lodging in this city! It is unbelievable, right? Shocker! Food will cost you $30, water $2.73 and transportation averages at $37. Quite a cheer!

Benefits Of A Family Vacation

To be honest our childhood memories frequently include the experiences we had during our getaways. These memories of family time remain with us throughout and bring a feeling of satisfaction and fellowship.

So, as opposed to gifting another toy or computer game to your tyke, take them on a family trip. Studies have demonstrated that Traveling can be valuable for the general improvement of your toddler

They return cheerful and enhanced, having encountered a lovely world outside their home, as presented by various societies. You can count on a family trip for more, like:

Bonding time

Journey helps

The planning

Stress relief


Make up more than gifts

Keeps them happy

Improve social aptitudes

Find out about different cultures

Frequently Asked Questions

How to plan a family vacation with toddlers?

Ans. As mentioned above, try to make them feel as comfortable as home. Remember, they are not grownups, feed them on time, keep their favorite toys at hand and explain the world outside. Make them watch a sheep passing by, a river or a train. Teach them how to enjoy on a vacation. Keep them occupied that should do the trick.

How to prepare?

Ans. Take the diaper bag, keep what is necessary for your baby, tickets handy, don’t forget the car seat if it is a road trip and throw in your zany energy. Equip yourself with a bucket and a shovel if you are going over to a beach. Gloves, woolens and caps for a ski trip. See, how it goes!

What to look for in a rental?

Ans. You may want to book a rental that has free laundry service as said, preferably a kitchen to make their food and most importantly search for a rental or resort that kid friendly.

What places to visit while on a trip?

Ans. Agreed your toddler will forget all of it, but the photographs will not be forgotten. Go to a museum, zoo, theme parks, historical sites and shopping. Whatever keeps them happy and adds to their memory.

What to stock up?

Ans. Diapers, wipes, hand sanitizers, disposable undergarments if possible, vomit bags, paper bags (for throwing away soiled diapers), formula and dry food items like biscuits.


With all that said, we would like you to keep a few things in mind that of choosing a rental facility for parents that bring kids that has a kitchen attached.

Yes, mommies may find it turning off to cook on vacations, but you can prepare food for your toddler.

You know they are picky eaters, what can you do? You must also opt for facilities that have free laundry and some extra space for your munchkin.

This will solve a lot of issues that may rise at the trip and you will be glad that you have strategically organized this trip.

You will not only enjoy your trip, but will be well prepared for it as well. Do let us know how trip went through the comments section and share your experience with all of us. Bon voyage!

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