Contraception for men

Best Practices For Contraception For Men

As a man if you are on the lookout for the best contraception you should only go ahead if you have the correct information. The best way to proceed when it comes to contraception for men is to have frank discussion with your partner. You should take into consideration how every methods works. Certain methods are dependent on your relationships, lifestyle and general health. These methods are not only helpful in preventing diseases but also prevent pregnancy. There may be times when you and your partner do not want to have a child and it is times like these when you should resort to such methods.

Take On Contraceptions For Men  

Here are some of the best methods of contraception for men that are recommended by doctors and health experts alike.

  • Gandarusa

This is a pill that comes from Indonesia the ingredients of this pill is derived from a plant called Justica Gendurusa. This plant is known to get rid of any inflammation. This is known to destroy sperm before it reaches the ovum, scientists are still doing research on this pill.

  • Practicing Abstinence

This is a very effective way in preventing pregnancy. If you do not indulge in sex then there will not be any pregnancy. This is one method that gives 100 percent results. This method is completely natural as it does not require a man to undergo any surgery.

  • The Sheets Pill

This particular method works like a charm for prevention of transferring HIV and any form of STD. These pills completely stop the flow of semen but the good thing is that the sex drive is not compromised at all. The fluids get absorbed by the body very naturally.

  • Contraception Using Ultrasound

This method is usually used if a sportsman has undergone injury . Here a heat wave is employed to cut down the sperm counts. The best thing about this method is that you will feel no pain while undergoing this. This is has been quite successful and has no side effects.

  • Timely Withdrawing Of The Penis

This actually takes a lot of practice and good intuition to withdraw in time before ejaculation However this method is the best method to prevent any pregnancy. You must be able to withdraw your penis just in time before you ejaculate; you should also know that pre cum may also cause pregnancy at times.

  • Contraceptive In The Form Of Injection

This is the most sophisticated method of all one small dose and you do not have to worry about .Typically these injections contain a combination of progesterone and testosterone and it is this combination that stops any sperm from being produced. This is extremely safe and recommended by doctors. Recent studies have revealed that this is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy

  • Condoms

This is a very popular choice for contraceptives and not to mention it is quite cheap. There are many reputed brands in the market making condoms in different flavors and styles. The dotted condoms are by far the best as they do not take away your pleasure from you.

  • Vasectomy

This method is recommended by many specialists and doctors all over the world. This is a minor operation and it can be reversed, with this method you can eliminate pregnancy at all costs. You do not have to indulge in any tests after the operation, this is not a painful procedure at all.

  • Contraceptive Gel For Males

This is a gel that has no hormonal content in it, this is injected to the deferens which is a tiny duct between the uretha and testicles. This keeps the sperms from  coming out.

Different Types of Medicinal Contraceptives

Here is a list of certain medicinal contraceptives suggested by the doctors and these are very safe to be used.

    • Trestolone: This is a steroid that can help to cut down sperm counts
    • Calcium blockers: These can cause infertility that can be reversed by making changes to the lipid metabolism of semen so they are able to add fertility to an egg. These pills are already a hit in the market, the pills were first tested on mice and the results were positive.
    • Adjudin: This is a type of lonidamine that is non toxic and is known to cause infertility. The drug makes the sperms find release before their time and so they never become operational gametes. An updated delivery system has increased the efficiency of Adjudin.
    • Gamendazole: This is also derived from lonidamine and this can lower the presence of inhibin B
    • Phenoxybenzamine: This is a drug that can actually block ejaculation fully and so this is deemed as a good contraceptive.  Research has also revealed that quality of the sperm is not affected and this can be reversed at any time by stopping the usage of this drug.
    • Gosssypol: This is extracted from cotton plant. This is able to suppress the concentration of sperm to a level where it acts as a contraceptive and the effects of this are very much reversible.
    • Triptolide: This is a herbal extract from China that reduces the level of sperm density and mobility.
    • Miglustat: This is a type of inhibitor that contains glycoshingolipid synthesis. This causes the sperm count to drop and also reduces sperm mobility.

What Should You Know about Male Contraceptives

Typically male contraceptives have to be inexpensive and easy to utilize, they should make no changes to the libido and they should be easily reversible. Male contraceptives are used widely all over the world. Studies have shown that this widely accepted at any corner of the world, in fact more and more men are opening up to the idea of using contraceptives regularly.

The Advantages of Hormonal Contraceptives

Here are some of the advantages of using hormonal contraceptives.

  • This actually gives the men the chance to share their responsibility  and to go to the clinic for regular health checkups
  • These are actually good alternative methods as some females may not be able to utilize female contraceptives
  • These contraceptives gives men the chance to use a more alternative methods that they have control over

Facts About The New Contraceptive Pill For Men

Here are some very interesting facts about the contraceptive pill for men.

  • Just take one in a day: The good thing about this pill is that you just have to take one pill in 24 hours and you get the kind of results you want. This new pill is a vast improvement over the previous types
  • Very safe for daily use: The older type of pills that were available in the market, were known to cause serious inflammation in the liver. However the newer ones are very safe to use on a daily basis. These new pills undergo a series of quality checks before being released into the market.
  • Should be consumed with food: The new pills can e used with food for good results, you may experience weight gain but it is nothing to worry about.
  • No alteration to sex drive: The good thing about this pill is that your sex drive remains unchanged for good. Even though your sperm count will be lowered but you will still have the urge to  indulge in sex.

Who Should Go For A vasectomy?

This is a surgical that is perfect for men who do not wish to have any children in the future. The tubes which are connected to the testicles from the penis are blocked or in com cases are cut off. So if a man ejaculates he will not produce any sperms and so pregnancy will not take place. To get the full effect you may have to wait for about two months. You may also be asked to attend check up sessions to see if the procedure was a success. In some cases there may be mild pain or little swelling but then again nothing to be alarmed about.


What you should remember is that before you use any medication or surgical methods of contraception you must always get good consultation. Never try to use these methods on your own as they can have nasty effects. The medicinal methods should not be overused at any time. Always follow the doctor’s advice and sometimes take a break from medicinal methods and use natural practices like withdrawing and abstinence from sex.


So, these are some of the most commonly used contraceptions for men and they all produce fabulous results. Before you proceed with them, you should always consider speaking to a doctor to get consultation. The good part is that there is constant research carried out on these contraceptives so you can expect to be treated to improved versions of these as time goes by. Using these contraceptives may also depend on your personal anatomical setup and personal health. In simple words, if you are interested in preventing pregnancy or acquiring some disease then feel free to use these techniques as contraception.

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