The Best Maternity Belt 2019: 6 Most Comfortable Belts To Wear While Pregnant

NEOtech Care Maternity Belt

Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care Brand

(Rated 4.3 stars by 2,933 reviewers)

Maternity Breathable Belt For Pregnant Women

DivaDio Maternity Belt - Pregnancy Support Belt

(Rated 4.4 stars by 122 reviewers)

AZMED Breathable Maternity Belt

AZMED Maternity Belt - Breathable Abdominal Binder & Back Support

(Rated 4.3 stars by 2,156 reviewers)

BABO maternity belt lower back and pelvic support

BABO Maternity Belt - Lower Back & Pelvic Support

(Rated 4.2 stars by 941 reviewers)

GABRIALLA elastic maternity belt

GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt

(Rated 3.9 stars by 1,179 reviewers)

Best Maternity Belt Reviewed

Are you constantly looking for a support for your developing tummy during pregnancy? Pregnancy is a magical time and if you can take care of small things like holding up your belly, you will keep it much comfortable than you can imagine.

We speak from our experience that mommies-to-be need to tend to this issue, as the weight will pull you down. It will not hurt your back and help you reach the much needed posture to maintain during this time. 

To be honest, these belts will ease your backache and majorly abdominal discomfort of any kind.

Most of these belts are soft for your skin and can be worn easily. So, if you need any more assistance about the Best Maternity Belt Reviews 2018, then we have one for you right here.

In fact, we have composed this post to help you find all the answers. Just keeping reading till the end and follow our instructions.

Why Pregnant Women Should Wear Maternity Belt?

When you go into the second trimester of your pregnancy, people may advise you to wear a belly band.

You may be thinking should you do that or not. There is no scientific reason as to how wearing one will assist you, but yes, you will feel the difference. Here are a few benefits of wearing a pregnancy belt:

Gentle compression

Reduce aches

Can be used post partum

Daily chores

Maintain a pose

Common Issues Found In Pregnant Women That Doesn’t Use Pregnancy Belt

To be frank, the last trimester of your pregnancy is like the final time to prepare yourself.

You need to brace the aches and pains that it brings alongside as well.

A pregnancy belt comes in handy to steer you away from such troubles anyways.

There is more that you can avert with help of a maternity belt and women that don’t use it may face problems like:

These Are The Issues

  • Pelvic pain, which is a common issue during the last trimester for some
  • These bands can sustain regular activities and chores that you may need the most at this juncture of your life
  • Pain in pelvic joints owing to the release of ligaments
  • In case, you have not yet healed from diastasis recti or abdominal muscle separation from your previous pregnancy, then a tummy band can be help
  • A belt can provide you full support in psite of pelvic dysfunctions and many other health issues that you may face during childbirth
  • Severe back ache due to the growing fetus

Women used to tie their tummies with a piece of cloth or scarves in the past for this, but why shouldn’t you invest in a proper maternity belt when they are readily available for you?

Case Studies

Keep in mind, a stomach band is an impermanent fix. It doesn't recuperate the basic condition.

Nonetheless, a midsection band can be helpful to ladies who have encountered a partition of the muscular strength (diastasis recti) by physically bringing the stomach muscles back together.

In fact, studies at the Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine demonstrates that pre-birth practice positively affects wellbeing.

See, the point is, it has been noticed that preganant women in their late second and third trimesters waddle like a duck.

They barely walk becuase of the weight and as a result of all this, the ligaments, joints, back (mainly lower) and muscles cause them pain.

A study at Spine Journal reveals that 71% women tolerate back ache and about 65% women bear pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Wearing a waist band relives them of pain, as it spreads the weight evenly all over. It can lessen abdominal pain and can ease the feel of a heavy uterus. 

If truth be told, then you must know that maternity belts can reduce all the soreness and stress.

Study reveals that about 50% to 80% of women experience hip and back pain during their pregnancy.

Wearing a belt can improve your pose and there is no need of proving that to you in the least.

Anything that gives you relief at this time, will be more than welcomed, why not try one of these and know the difference it makes.

You will know it, once you start using them during the advanced stages of your pregnancy. 

Proper Use Of Maternity Belt

There is no doubt that a maternity belt can help to reduce uncomfortable pain near the lower back and also provide support to the abdominal region. 

to get the best results you must know the correct way of using it. Here are some steps you can follow to use this properly.

  • Place the belt right below your belly and above the pelvic region
  • Use the strap to connect with the ASP and make sure it meets the other end on the pad. Attach the strap with the pad using the loop fastener and hook
  • Fix one end of the belt to one end on the ASP via loop fastener and hook
  • check
    After that you must get the belt to stretch on your back and then fix the other side on the belt with the ASP by utilizing the loop fastener and hook.
  • check
    You must then change the position of the loop fastener and hook to make adjustments to the belt
  • check
    Take  the tummy strap and fix it to the corner located in the upper end on the ASP and the make sure it is wrapped around your tummy and attaches itself to the other side of the ASP
  • check
    You may make adjustments to the maternity belt to get your required comfort

What To Look In A Maternity Belt

Here are certain things to remember before you go out and buy maternity belts for your pregnancy period.

  • Most maternity belts should have a specific firmness as they are designed to get the pressure off from the lower back and belly area.
  • Nearly all of them can be worn on top of your clothes or even under your clothes
  • Typically they have hooks or Velcro that allow these belts to fastened on to your stomach
  • You can also wear these belts after your pregnancy period for additional support
  • You will come across several brands that sell different sizes but certain manufacturers sell belts that fit all sizes
  • These belts are found in regular shops as well as online stores and you can also avail fabulous discounts on them
  • However before you go out and buy these belts it is always best to get your hips measured just o make sure you are able to buy the right belt
  • Always buy a belt that fits you well do not blindly follow the opinions of others wile buying them
  • These belts  are made from different materials so always buy one that has skin friendly material on it
  • Buy from a reputed brand even if you have to pay a bit extra it will be worth it. Remember that a maternity belt is made to provide maximum support to your belly region and also reduces the pressure on the lower back
  • Also look for brands that are approved by doctors

Types of maternity belt

Now there are many types of belts in the market and you should be very careful on the type you decide to buy.

Always try one on before you make purchases just to make sure that it is not too tight or too loose for you.

The good news is you also have access to certain belts that you can wear under your clothes in case you do ot want to go around revealing your pregnancy to people.

Here are the two most common types of belts available.

Maternity belt: This provides a lot of support to the abdomen region especially during advanced stages when your belly starts growing fast. This definitely does a good job in getting the strain of your back and pelvic region. These belts come in various colors and styles.

Belly band: This is quite different and resembles tube tops. This helps you to fit into your clothing by gently compressing the belly region. This is very flexible and stretchy and will take care of your tummy.

Best Maternity Belt 2018

Here are a few of the popular names that must feature in the Best Maternity Belt Reviews 2018:

So are you on the lookout for a maternity belt of good quality? Well your search stops with this particular brand. This is one of the best belts in the market right now as the manufacturer has incorporated major improvements in it as compared to the previous models that were released in the market. This is very helpful for pregnant women who experience a lot of pain in their lower back during pregnancy. There is no doubt that this belt is totally worth buying.

NEOtech Maternity Belt

NEOtech Care Brand Specifications

  • Dimensions of the product are 2.6x 7.3x 9.2
  • The weight of the product is 5.3 ounces
  • The belt has an elastic lining for better fitting


  • The belt is specially designed for women who experience a lot of discomfort in the lower back
  • It helps to even out the pressure that is being exerted on the back
  • The services offered by the seller is good, prompt replacement in case it does not fit you
  • You can access a measuring chart to understand what size to order
  • The belt has a perfect fit around the belly and cuts down on the pressure
  • The belt has an elastic lining and the fabric is breathable so it is comfortable to wear on a regular basis
  • The belt boasts of vast improvements in comparison to the other belts that are being sold
  • The quality is very good and will last for a long time to come
  • Very comfortable to wear for long hours
  • The belt is adjustable very easily


  • You need to order a bigger size than your usual size but this is not a major drawback

Key Product Features

  • Comfortable pad for the abdomen: This belt has a very comfortable pad for the abdomen. The pad is placed in a strategic position right bear your pubic area. The fabric is well cushioned to provide maximum comfort
  • Breathable fabric:  The fabric has more than one layer and also comes with a lining that has elastic in it. The fabric is perfect for those who have very sensitive skin
  • Good finishing: The product is made from durable material that adds to its longevity and you can expect it to last for a very long time
  • Great support: This belt does a splendid job when it comes to supporting your lower back especially during pregnancy

Amazon User Rating

- 4.3 -

(Rated 4.3 stars by 2,933 reviewers)

It is never a good idea to leave back pain during pregnancy unaddressed and you should always think about buying a maternity belt. So, without any hesitation you should purchase this brand as it is of supreme quality. In fact, the design of this belt provides great support to the belly and reduced the amount of pressure on the lower back area. The plus point about this belt is that it you can wear this underneath your clothes so you do not have explain to the whole world on what you are wearing. In other words this belt is totally worth the cash. Want to know more? Simply read on.

Maternity Breathable Belt

Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support Belt Specifications

  • The product weighs 8 ounces
  • The material is breathable


  • This will make a meaningful gift for pregnant women
  • The quality is really good
  • Good after sales services by the seller
  • Good brand value
  • Can be worn throughout the pregnancy period
  • The belt is easy to adjust for comfort fit
  • Can be worn for long hours
  • Eliminates pain from the lower back and pelvic region
  • Lifts the belly and alleviates pressure
  • The product is non-toxic and non-allergic
  • thumbs-up
    Compatible with sensitive skin
  • thumbs-up
    The belt retains its elasticity
  • thumbs-up
    Very durable


  • The belt could have a firmer fit but this is a minor flaw and you should not feel discouraged to buy this product

Key Product Features

  • Guarantee for a lifetime: The manufacturer has taken a lot of care in making this belt so they have not compromised on the quality. You can expect the belt to last for a very long time
  • Very comfortable: The material is a combination of elastic spandex and cotton. The good news is that the material lets you breathe properly. Very easy to use and quick to adjust you will not regret using this product
  • Eliminates back pain: This belt works very well in getting rid of any uncomfortable back pain near the lower back area and provides support to the belly area. The best thing about this belt is that it can be worn for long hours
  • Nursing pads included: When you buy this belt you will receive a pair of pads meant fir breast feeding and this is a huge bonus. These pads are washable and can be used more than once

Amazon User Rating

- 4.4 -

(Rated 4.4 stars by 122 reviewers)

There is no doubt that becoming a mother is the most exciting thing to experience for a woman. However going through pregnancy may be a little uncomfortable for most women as they often suffer from back pain. To take the pressure off you must invest in this maternity belt that is designed to eliminate any pressure that is being exerted on your back. This belt will lift the tummy so that your back is under less pressure. This belt is huge improvement over the other models that are being sold in the market right not. You will not regret buying this at all.

AZMED Maternity Belt

AZMED Maternity Belt Specifications

  • The belt weighs 3.5 ounces
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Hand Pointing Right
    The material is sturdy and durable


  • The finishing of the belt is top notch and it is evident that it will not wear out before time
  • Provides great support to pregnant women who are looking for relief from back pain
  • You can prevent your lower from feeling too much of strain
  • The after sale service of the seller is good too
  • The belt provides very gentle compression on the abdomen area and also supports the baby bump
  • This product is just perfect for supporting the weak muscles in the abdominal section and can help rectify poor posture
  • Available on online stores and in retail outlets


  • The belt seems slightly smaller than what is advertised but that should not discourage you from buying the product

Key Product Features

  • Versatile product: The belt is very soft and breathable and provides fabulous support to your tummy area. The best part about this is i that one belt caters to all sizes
  • Rectifies posture: The support provided by the belt is really firm and so it trains your body into maintaining good posture. Does a great job in eliminating any discomfort. You will find a great deal of relief from pain in the pelvic and hip area
  • Good quality: The manufacturer has been in the business for a number of years and so you can be expected to buy a product that is of very high quality. The belt will last for a number of years to come
  • Supports baby bump: Compresses your abdomen gently to provide your baby bump with the support it needs. Expect to get rid of pain in your lower back region

Amazon User Rating

- 4.3 -

(Rated 4.3 stars by 2,156 reviewers)

If you are on the lookout for a maternity belt to help you deal with back pain, then you should go right ahead and but this belt. As a user you can be rest assured that you will not be disappointed with it. The belt will provide a good amount of support to your lower back and getting rid of any uncomfortable sensation. The best thing about this product is that it is made using the latest technology so it will be far better than most other brands in the market. It is totally worth buying this product and learn more about it, you should just read on.

BABO maternity belt

BABO Care Maternity Belt Specifications

  • The dimensions of the product are 0.2 x 4.5 x 47 inches
  • The weight of the product is 1.6 ounces


  • This will get rid of any discomfort during the pregnancy period and also provide support to the baby bump
  • Expect your lower back to feel less strained
  • The belt will help you rectify your posture
  • The belt has elastic and so it fits every size
  • You can wear this belt for long hours on a daily basis
  • The quality of this product is unmatched and it will last for a long time to come


  • The belt could be a little firmer but that is not a major drawback and you should not feel discouraged

Key Product Features

  • Eliminate pain:  An ideal product for every pregnant woman to deal with uncomfortable pain. The product makes sure that the spinal region is not under any stress. The belt is designed to rectify your posture and provide strong support to muscles in the abdomen region
  • Highly comfortable: The belt is very safe and very comfortable to use on a daily basis, so as a pregnant woman you can expect to wear this long hours  throughout the day
  • Comfortable material: The material used in the product is highly compatible with sensitive skin and is breathable too
  • Guarantee: The manufacturer offers a full refund to those customers who are not satisfied with the product
  • Star
    Good quality: The manufacturer has used state of the art technology to make this product and you can be rest assured to get the best results. Also expect it to outlast all the other brands
  • Star
    Universal size: The good news is that thanks to the elastic present in the belt it will fit all sizes

Amazon User Rating

- 4.2 -

(Rated 4.2 stars by 941 reviewers)

This product is considered as one of the best in the market right as it has outsold all its competitors by leaps and bounds. This belt has incorporated major improvements that other brands did not. Not only will you be able to get rid of back pain and any discomfort but you can also rectify your posture to a great extent. This belt is found in different colors and you can purchase it on online stores and in regular retail stores. To learn more about this wonderful product you have to read on. You will not be disappointed after using this product. This product is totally worth the money.

GABRIALLA elastic maternity belt medium


  • The dimensions of the belt are 3 x 6 x 9 inches
  • Pocket for hot/cold therapy
  • Hand Pointing Right
    The belt weighs 8.8 ounces


  • Very good quality and it will certainly last for a long time
  • The comfort level is extremely high and can be worn for extended hours
  • Great product for posture rectification
  • The material used is perfect for sensitive skin
  • Provides substantial amount of support to the  lower back and abdomen region
  • The belt can be worn to minimize the chances of stretch marks on the body
  • thumbs-up
    Absolute value for money
  • thumbs-up
    Great brand value


  • The belt could have been a little firmer but this is only a minor flaw and you should not feel discouraged in any way from buying this product

Key Product Features

  • Recommended product: This product has won numerous awards and received good reviews by the press and so the quality is unquestionable. Doctors all over the world recommend pregnant women to use this product
  • Prevent stretch marks: With this belt you no longer have to be afraid of getting those dreadful stretch marks on your body. This belt will help you get back to your size before pregnancy
  • Comfortable material: The material used in the product is highly compatible with sensitive skin and is breathable too
  • Very comfortable: With this belt you no longer have to restrict your movements. Slip this on and go about doing your regular chores but of course any rigorous activity should be given a miss
  • Star
    Good quality: The manufacturer has used state of the art technology to make this product and you can be rest assured to get the best results. Also expect it to outlast all the other brands
  • Star
    Ease any discomfort: Get rid of any pain from your lower back and your joints by wearing this belt throughout your pregnancy period. You can also use a cold or hot therapy pack with this belt. The material used on this belt is very compatible with sensitive skin so you can wear it for longer periods

Amazon User Rating

- 3.9 -

(Rated 3.9 stars by 1,179 reviewers)

FAQ (Frequently-Asked-Questions)

How Important Is It To Use A Maternity Belt?

This belt helps to get rid of any discomfort and pain during the pregnancy period. The belt basically compresses the stomach area very gently to support the baby bump. Expect to eliminate pain near the pelvic region.

Do These Belts Actually Work?

Yes they do in fact many pregnant women have written positive testimonial on how wonderful these products are. You can also go about doing your regular chores but you must not exert yourself in doing rigorous activities.

Will I Experience Weight Loss?

Certain manufacturers do make belts which can be used to lose weight and to also provide support for pregnant women. Typically these belts are very comfortable and can be worn for long hours.

Are These Belts Safe?

Yes most of these belts are approved by doctors and are safe to use on a daily basis but you should also follow a very restricted lifestyle when it comes to getting good results.

Is It Safe To Use Body Shapers With These Belts?

Yes you can use Body Shapers while using these belts and you will not experience any side effects or discomfort at all.

Where Can I Buy These Belts?

You can buy these belts from regular outlets or from online stores. Simply make sure that you buy products approved by doctors and manufactured by reputed brands.

Is It Good For The Baby?

Well these belts are made to protect your unborn child during pregnancy period. So you can wear these belts for long hours without hesitation.


It is true that a significant number of women find pregnancy to be a difficult time. Point is, if things could be taken care of at the right time, then you can actually make it a memorable time. Be that as it may, getting the best pregnancy bolster belt mitigates you a great deal of pressure. You never ought to be perplexed any longer.

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