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Actionable Tips On Kids Bike Safety

Over the last few decades it has been noticed that not too many children are cycling to places alone. This is because most of their parents are worries about their safety. This why a large number of parents drive their kids to school instead of letting them go on their own. However if you teach kids bike safety then the kids enjoy their own freedom. Once your kids develop the required level of confidence they will experience improved levels of fitness.

Teach Your Kids Bike Safety

Teaching your kids to ride a bike while being safe will not be easy, but with a little patience and a systematic approach you can do it. Here are some tips that you can follow to get through to your child.

    • If you are out with the children then place yourself behind them. If you have another adult with you then it would be better if he or she could follow the child in the front.
    • Get your child to wear a helmet as it is recommended, you could also teach them the Highway code, this will help in raising their awareness about road safety

Safety Rules That Kids Should Follow

To enjoy maximum safety kids should follow a set of rules; with some practice they can be perfected. Here are some of the rules that should be followed by kids that are suggested by people from the law.

  • While cycling at night it is important to use a white light that is in perfect working condition. It is also important to use a red light at the back together with a rear reflector as the law demands it
  • Making eye contacts with other users on the road at various junctions this is something that needs to be perfected by kids
  • Riding at a suitable position where visibility is a must
  • Kids must be taught to use signals very clearly at all times
  • Jumping red lights or even cycling on the pavements is not acceptable at all

Rules To Follow While Riding On Common Paths

A lot of caution has to be exercises especially at the entrances, bends and various junctions. The rider should keep to the left side of the dividing line. Kids should also be taught to slow down or even stop to let others through. Using the bell at the right time is a way of informing them that a rider is nearby. Riding too fast should be avoided as it may intimidate other people.

The Importance Of The Helmet Should Never Be Ignored

There is no doubt that the good education starts in the house. So, you should always teach your child the importance of using a good helmet for maximum protection while cycling. Here are some tips in selecting a good helmet for your kids.

  • Perfect Fit: To make sure that the helmet fits properly on your child’s head, so it is never a good idea to buy a big helmet for your kid. A helmet can only give your child’s head good protection when it fits properly on his head. A helmet that is ill fitting can cause a lot of discomfort.
  • Helmets with padding: The best part about these helmets is that they have solid layer of padding that provide the best protection. This also means that your child will be able to use a single helmet for a longer time. As your child grows you can simply remove a layer of the padding.
  • Trial is must:  Do not just buy a helmet from the shop get your child to try on a few models before you make purchases. Make adjustments to the straps and padding if needed. This will make sure that helmet fit perfect on your child’s head.
  • Follow the rules in your country: In every country a helmet is put through several quality checks before being put out in the market. So, when you are out to buy one make sure the helmet is approved by the industrial standards of your country.
  • Replace the helmet when needed: Every product undergoes wear and tear over a period of time and a helmet is no exception. Now most helmets are made to withstand an impact during an accident. In most cases the naked eye cannot detect any damage so it is always best to replace the helmet. Also there will be a time when the helmet no longer fits your child so it would be wise to replace it.
  • Make your child understand the importance of wearing a helmet: You should be able to engage in a candid conversation with your child explaining to him or her that it is very important to wear a helmet while cycling. Do not feel hesitant to share certain incidents where people faced consequences when they did not wear any helmet.

Additional Advice For Parents

Riding a bike is dependent on many external factors and as a parent you should be aware of them while training or supervising your kids.

  • Action: You must always be very active to act immediately if things get out of hand
  • Assessment: You must always be able to assess the situation around you and calculate the outcome of a bad situation
  • Anticipation: You must always try to stay a step ahead of your child
  • Awareness: You must be conscious and vigilant of your child’s surrounding

Teaching your kids bike safety will not be an easy job, but with some amount of patience and a systematic approach you can get through to them. You must remember not to use a harsh Tone with them at all, try to make the whole thing fun and use some examples along the way. It is advisable to supervise them for the initial period to make sure that are following every piece of advice you have given them. There are many training classes for bike safety for parents with young kids, so you may consider joining them if you want to teach your kids the right thing.

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