Zahra Campbell Light Back

Welcome to GoesLikeThat.com, a place where women like you and me can hang around and have discussion about life and family. These things can be pretty scary for women like us. This is the reason why I started this site in the first place.

My name is Zahra Campbell, I have a bachelor degree in Accounting and currently working at an energy company in my local town. I love traveling and trying new things myself. My life journey has been quite amazing. Now I am engaged with my school sweetheart, we will have our wedding soon.

I love children and hope someday I have children of my own. I use to take care of my nephew when he was still a baby. Watching how he grow make me realize it will not be a smooth journey for everyone to raising a child. I have many friends who also have children and they often face with difficult situations and they always seek answer to solve these issues.

After knowing what these new moms are looking for, I know instantly that I might be able to do something to help them and that is by sharing information on this website based on my own personal experience when handling my nephew. I hope this site could provide good information to new parents on how to to deal with their children properly.

Reach out! I’d love to know you. Let’s be friend and dive in to the things that worry us the most in life.